Saxophone/Flute Instruction

In 30 years I have played thousand of gigs in arenas, theatres, clubs, and studio sessions. Let me teach you what I know. Lets jam in the studio!

Basic technique; Breathing, embouchure, fingering.

Reading music: Sight reading and writing practical lead sheets.  

Improvisation: Rock, blues and jazz. I can show you how, as George Coleman said, "improvisation is merely a bunch of simple techniques played as fast as thought."

Mouthpieces and reeds: Avoiding the brand hype and saving you money.


"Craig is a great teacher, patient, cool, and inspiring. Our daughter really likes studying with him and is inspired to practice on her own". -Keith Cotton

"Craig really relates to our daughter as a fellow musician and brings out the best in her. The studio vibe is funky and relaxed, and he challenges her in ways she really responds to. I especially love hearing the two of them jam together at the end of the lesson!"
-Joan Osborne

"I enjoyed my lessons with Mr. Dreyer. He's an amazing teacher. He was very patient with me and taught me a lot of techniques. Can't wait for my next lesson!"
-Jeffryne Valeus